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2017 / 2018 Yearbook

$15.00, plus $5.00 shipping

Normally published annually, the combined 2017-2018 Yearbook has resulted from the loss of Dottie Kinsey, editor and publisher, who spearheaded its content and  

production every year. Her illness and untimely death left a vacancy not easily filled. 

This volume is dedicated to her memory.  

Titled Unlocking the Past, the 50-page edition features a collection of always  

anticipated genealogical material plus informative articles on topics of historical  


Five generations of the Smallwood family are chronicled and an update adds to the  

Ripley family tree featured in the 2016 Yearbook.

The past is brought into the present with articles on the Atlantic City Race Course  

and the development of the Reliance Fire Company from the original Hope Fire  

Company.  Who Ya Gonna’ Call relates the interest of the White Raven Paranormal  

Society following its participation in the 2018 Ghost Walk. 

Photo montages give early views of -Main Street, Mill Street, Egg Harbor, and Lake  


2017 and 2018 officers and board members are listed as well as current members.  


A page honors recipients of our annual education award which encourages early  

interest in history. 

We are grateful for sponsorship by Boakes Funeral Home and Rettino Group  Insurance

Look for the 2019 Yearbook early in 2020.


2017 Ghost Walk DVD

$10.00, plus $2.50 shipping

Witness the investigation of some of Mays Landings most famous hauntings by the White Raven Investigations and Paranormal Society.


Schoolhouse Museum Investigation DVD

$10.00, plus $2.50 shipping

Witness the investigation of our schoolhouse museum by the White Raven Investigations and Paranormal Society. 


Tower of Music Notecards and Keepsake Ornament

$8.00 / $15.00, plus $5.00 shipping

To commemorate the 2019 Holiday House Tour, we have available for purchase a package of 10 notecards  (blank inside / envelopes included), and a keepsake ornament.  They are sold separately for $8.00 a piece, or as a set for $15.00.